I aspire to listen, understand, and guide each person I treat through the problems that are getting in the way of them feeling more happy and fulfilled. I believe that a good fit between therapist and patient is a critical aspect of psychotherapy and can be very transformative. I hope to create a collaborative, non-judgmental atmosphere where you feel safe and can explore how your inner thoughts and feelings affect your daily functioning. This relational process in psychotherapy can help you achieve greater self-acceptance and more fulfilling relationships with the people in your life.

I spend the first session or two getting to know my patient, learning about the problems they are experiencing, and assessing what the treatment needs will be. I create an individualized treatment plan and continually discuss progress and future goals throughout the course of treatment

I see people with a wide range of issues in my practice including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, and adjustment to life's crises and changes. I also have a specialty in working with people with a wide range of eating and body image issues. 

I work closely with each patient using an eclectic approach, utilizing different methods depending on the issues that are causing distress. Oftentimes, painful emotions or difficult relationships are the catalyst for someone to begin therapy. We work to alleviate the pain you are experiencing on a day to day basis while ascertaining the underlying emotional issues which may contribute to destructive patterns. This two-pronged approach is helpful in order to cope effectively with similar problems as they arise in the future. I consider it a privilege to work with you to create a safe place that allows you to explore the issues in your life openly in the hopes of achieving your fullest potential.  


I hope to create a collaborative, non-judgmental atmosphere where you feel safe.

—Kimberley Hogan, PhD

Brief Biography

Dr. Hogan is a licensed clinical psychologist and obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University Medical Graduate School. She also holds at Ed.M. in Psychology from Harvard University and a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College. In addition to obtaining generalized training in the theory and practice of psychotherapy, Dr. Hogan also received specialized training in working with people with eating issues at Northwestern's Eating Disorders Program. Dr. Hogan completed her post-doctoral training at a community organization that works with people with cancer and their families and is currently on faculty at Northwestern University where she co-teaches the Psychodynamic Seminar for the clinical psychology interns.  

Dr. Hogan has been in private practice in downtown Chicago for over fifteen years and works collaboratively with her colleagues from Chicago Psychotherapy Group as well as other mental health and medical professionals. She is an active member of the American Psychological Association and the Illinois Psychological Association.

Dr. Hogan can be contacted at 312.751.0905 and via email at